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play. learn. grow.

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We are licensed to provide care for children six weeks through Pre-Kindergarten.

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Our Infant Room is called  “The Beautiful Butterflies” because they are changing and growing so much every day.  Their personalities are beginning to emerge.

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Our Cruiser Room is called the “Terrific Turtles” because they represent tenacity and strength. They are learning to crawl and pull-up and are determined to explore.

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Our Toddler Room is called the “Happy Hoppers” because they are very busy “hopping” from one activity to another.  They can walk on their own and start to run.

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Our Two’s Room is called the “Busy Bees” because they flutter around the classroom always looking for something to do.  They are very curious and spend the day exploring.

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Our Three’s Room is called the “Excellent Elephants” because they are very smart and social.  They begin to display confidence and are eager to learn new things.

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Our PreK Room is called the “Wise Owls” because they begin to really understand how to be a good friend and are mindful of other’s feelings.  They are learning letter sounds, how to write letters, as well as building fine motor skills.

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Our Approach

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We believe that play is children’s work. Children play to learn, to grow, and to experience the world around them. With this goal in mind, our child development center is equipped and arranged to provide the optimum in self-exploration and hands on learning. Programs are planned to meet the needs of the group and the individual child.

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What Parents Are Saying...

We have been so blessed and are so thankful for each of you and the CDC staff. I appreciate all you have done to care for and help grow and teach my children. You all have touched and left lasting impressions and memories that we will remember and always cherish. Thank you so very much.

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